CB Gallery 2.1 released with 18 new features!

CB Gallery 2.1 is here with 18 awesome new features!


CB Gallery 2.1 is a feature rich release that has fantastic integration with the latest Community Builder release and with CB Activity!

Here is a short list of some of the (18!!!) awesome new features:

  • CB Activity integration lets you create and share new gallery albums directly in any activity stream
  • Article galleries lets you use the CB Gallery Bot to embed a user gallery in a Joomla article
  • Left/right swiping makes image gallery viewing as easy as ever on mobile devices
  • Set any gallery image as profile avatar or canvas image
  • Client side resizing for new image uploads
  • MD5/SHA1 checksum for files
  • EXIF data for photos supported

Join the forum discussion to see a full changelog and see the new features in action on our demo site!


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nant replied the topic: #296378 6 years 1 month ago
Great work Kyle!

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