Stripe payment gateway support for CBSubs 4.1.1

Our CB Paid Subscriptions (CBSubs) solution now supports the Stripe payment method!

This brings the total number of gateways supported by CBSubs to 18!

All existing CBSubs subscribers can download and install the Stripe Payment Gateway and start collecting single payments.

Stripe is becoming very popular and competitive and as they state on their website: "We help power 100,000+ businesses in 100+ countries and across nearly every industry".

And CBSubs is extending this commitment to its users!


schrammelmann's Avatar
schrammelmann replied the topic: #298484 5 years 6 months ago
Guys, you're top!
I have the Stripe Gateway already in use with credit cards and it works very well.
I am looking forward to the implementation of SEPA. For German cbsub useres, as for me, would be also GiroPay via Stripe very interesting. It could be used to address many online banking customers in Germany.
In any case, at this point, a hearty thanks to the CB team for your fantastic work.
You are great.

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