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CB Paid Subscriptions (CBSubs) 4.5.1 is here with new features and bug fixes!


CB Paid Subscriptions (CBSubs GPL) 4.5.1 is a features and bug fixes release that streamlines and modernizes the payment experience.

The main features in this release are:

  • Modernized look and user experience for checkouts with better display for baskets and modernized credit-card forms for Stripe and other on-site payment gateways
  • New triggers for integrating CBSubs Family plans with CB Auto-actions workflows
  • Better user experience for payment method selections with radio selectors
  • Faster payment confirmation with Stripe
  • Possibility to have multiple Stripe gateways to separate various payment methods (e.g. in radio-selection)

CBSubs 4.5.1 is available in our Downloads section and simply requires an active subscription to CBSubs. It is a highly recommended upgrade and works great with latest CB 2.5 build.

Full changelog is available and CBSubs 4.5.1 is also installed on our demo site.

beat replied the topic:
3 years 2 months ago
CBSubs 4.5.1 releases:

- Adds these 7 new features:

8398 Stripe: IPN delay is no longer needed
8315 Family Plans: implement triggers for accepting shared subscriptions
8303 Checkout radios: Add message of automatic basket currency change when selecting a radio that requires a currency change
8301 Implement CC form display styles
8294 Implement fieldsets and legends for basket and payment containers
8293 Implement CC form placeholder values
8289 Gateway Ogone: Added radios-specific presentation choice "on this site using buttons inside a single radio choice"

And fixes these 12 bugs:

8483 Plan conditions on CB fields are always triggered
8468 Stripe: IPN handling does not verify gateway id against basket gateway id
8456 Plan URLs for non-logged in users no longer show plans
8397 Stripe: Dispute handling for recurring subscriptions incomplete
8396 Stripe: Charge and Payment Intent IPN missing subscription id handling
8392 Totalizer descriptions are not passed through translations
8302 Gateways buttons and buttons inside radios with subsets of currencies change the basket's currency don't ask anymore for the change
8297 Redisplaying a basket of a logged-in user after a logout timeout could lead to an error display
8295 Stripe payment intent API calling as GET instead of POST
8292 Basket terms and conditions when configured same as registration form and in URL+modal clicking on link no effect
8282 Ogone does not render card images with all payment modes
8224 Expired subscriptions login check happens before confirmed/approved check

More details on our forge tracker