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Community Builder 2.7.3 can be freely downloaded by all registered members


We just released Community Builder 2.7.3, with 6 improvements and 9 bug fixes

CB 2.7.3 is a recommended upgrade.

CB 2.7.3 fixes a few minor bugs, including minor cosmetic fixes and improvements and fixes a Joomla 4 and a PHP 8.1 deprecation notices (visible in particular circumstances with site debug on).

CB 2.7.3 brings along nice new features (thank you to our vibrant community for the suggestions and to Kyle for their swift implementation!):

  • Single checkbox fields have now settings for different "Yes" and "No" texts when displayed as buttons, allowing maximum flexibility without language overrides.
  • The video field type now also seamlessly supports the new Youtube shorts.
  • The built-in Forum plugin added support for Kunena 6.0, the brand new Kunena release running on Joomla 4.
  • There is a new CB setting allowing to select the update channel, allowing to only upgrade to "stable" releases like this one, instead of also to the nightlies (which is the default setting, as our nightlies readily integrate improvements and bug-fixes, often within hours from a forum support request. Thus they are usually even more stable than "stable" releases).

Speaking of nightlies, there have been 9 nightly releases since CB 2.7.2, released regularly. We always recommend staying up to date with your webhost, PHP, MySQL, Joomla, CB and all our add-ons for safety and smoothly running sites.

CB 2.7.3 is compatible with Joomla 4.1.x and Joomla 3.10.x., which is now minimum Joomla version requirement, along with PHP 7.4+ (latest PHP 8.0.x and 8.1.x also supported), and MYSQL 5.6+ (or MariaDB 10.x), with latest MySQL 8.0.x supported too, as announced since CB 2.6.0 release, over a year ago.

Our full CB 2.7.3 changelog is available for details.

Community Builder 2.7.3 is a recommended upgrade for all CB sites on Joomla 3.10.x and 4.0.x and highly recommended for Joomla 4.1 sites.

Our demo website has already been updated to Community Builder 2.7.3, so you can see it in action along will all our Joomlapolis add-ons.

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