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Community Builder 2.9 Joomla 5.0 native! Joomla 4.x and 3.10 native too!

🎉 Community Builder 2.9 and 32 new CB Add-ons released!! 🥳


Unveiling Community Builder 2.9 and 18 CB Add-On Releases: Embracing Joomla 5.0!

We're excited to announce the release of Community Builder 2.9 and 18 new stable releases of our CB Add-ons. This update ensures compatibility with Joomla 5.0, 4.x, and 3.10 for CB and All our 32 CB Add-Ons,. This significant milestone underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of web software development. These releases follows four weeks of nightly releases, rigorous testing, and continuous refinement, ensuring a safe and recommended CB 2.9 upgrade.

Joomla 5.0 Compatibility: Paving the Way for the Future

Community Builder 2.9 now runs natively on Joomla 5.0, eliminating the need for the new Joomla 5.0 “compatibility plugin”. This compatibility extends to all latest stable and nightly CB Add-On releases*, ensuring a smooth experience across all active Joomla releases. Transitioning from Joomla 4.x to Joomla 5.x is now a straightforward upgrade, like any minor version upgrade. Just upgrade CB, CB Add-ons, and any other third-party extension before Joomla, ensuring also your usual backup routine.

Discover how Joomla 5.0 can benefit you at

CB Add-Ons: Elevating Your Joomla Experience

Out of our 32 CB Add-Ons, 18 needed to be updated to run natively with Joomla 5.0. All others were already Joomla 5.0-compatible. These 18 new stable releases bring not only Joomla 5.0, 4.x and 3.10 compatibility, but also new features.

The new features, among many other improvements, include support for Joomla 5's new structured data in CB Content Bot (if enabled), PHP-based replacements in CB Replacer Bot, branding support for "X (formerly Twitter)" in CB Connect and enhanced payment gateways support in CB Paid Subscriptions for Stripe, WorldLine Ingenico ePayments (Ogone), and QuickPay.

Benefits of Upgrading to Community Builder 2.9 and Latest CB Add-Ons

Upgrading to Community Builder 2.9 and the latest CB Add-Ons ensures your website's compatibility with the latest Joomla features. Gain also access to a myriad of improvements, including the latest security enhancements, PHP 8.2 compatibility for noticeable speed improvements, and changes reflecting the evolution of web services.

While Community Builder remains free, an active Professional or Developer membership is required to access upgrades for paid CB Add-ons. We believe in the value of our add-ons and the enhanced functionality they bring to your Joomla experience.

A Big Thank You!

We are proud of the strides made with Community Builder 2.9 and the 32 CB Add-Ons within the past weeks and months. All these improvements result from our commitment to continuous enhancements and our unwavering dedication to our vibrant community.

Whether you're a school, a sailing club, a multinational corporation, a national health department, or an NBA team, Community Builder 2.9 and Joomla 5.0 bring you a world of possibilities from just managing your users up to creating large user-centric communities.

We take this opportunity to thank our dedicated team at Joomlapolis and our vibrant community of users. Your feedback, suggestions, and unwavering support have been instrumental in making these releases possible.

As always, we recommend keeping your Joomla and Community Builder installations up to date to benefit from the latest features and security fixes. Regular updates ensure a smooth user experience and help keep your platform secure and efficient.

Looking into the Future

Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of Community Builder and Joomla. We are committed to continuous improvement and are already working on new features and enhancements for future releases.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and experience the new and improved Community Builder 2.9. We are confident that you will appreciate the enhancements and the seamless Joomla 5.0 compatibility.

Remember, Community Builder is more than just software; it's a community. As we celebrate this release, we also celebrate you, our users, for being a part of this incredible journey. Thank you for your continued support, making Community Builder the best Joomla social networking solution.

What's Next?

Ready to explore the future with Community Builder 2.9? Dive into our demo website, seamlessly upgraded from Joomla 4.4 to Joomla 5.0, showcasing the power and stability of the latest releases. For more detailed insights and to upgrade your Community Builder experience, visit our Community Builder page and explore the wide array of CB Add-Ons. If you're not yet a part of our active community, consider subscribing or renewing to one of our memberships for exclusive benefits.

Renew Your CB Membership and Access Joomla 5-compatible Add-Ons

As we embark on this journey of continuous improvement, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of web communities. To fully enjoy the benefits of Joomla 5.0 and its now compatible add-ons, make sure to renew your Joomlapolis membership. Your paid membership allows us to work full-time at full power on Community Builder for 19 years, while keeping it free and open-source. Thank You!

* All our CB Add-Ons run on Joomla 5.0 natively (without the Joomla Compatibility plugin activated), except CB Activity 5.0 which runs on Joomla 5.0 too, but needs the Joomla Compatibility Plugin activated (automatically activated when upgrading a Joomla 4.4 site to 5.0).

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