VirtueMart Integration?

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Excellent stuff ckayfish! Thanks for your input..

I think I was premature in thinking that we could get this integration happening without hacking VM code. I originally had some alterations to VM that allowed it to work smoothly with CB, so I'll be incorporating them into the project again.

For now they are on the project site in source control - there's two new folders in the source tree:

mod_virtuemart_cb : a CB-friendly version of the virtuemart module with the 'account maintenance' link taking the user to the CB profile page

virtuemart_hacks : two files that you should write over their Virtuemart equivalents (note - taken from 1.0.4 - will update to 1.0.5 soon!).
- checkout.index.php : this removes the 'register at checkout' option and directs the user to the CB registration form
- account.shipping.php : this had a link to the VM account maintenance, this link was removed

There's be a new release soon with these files and hopefully some basic install docs, so anyone not comfortable overwriting files etc. can wait for that to test this out!

Again my disclaimer ;) - be aware this is all 'alpha' stuff and may well contain critical bugs! Test and backup before using on anything important!


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Ok small update:

0.1.2 Added user title info
Tidied post-rego notices
Edit shipping address in admin section workaround
Show break if title hidden
Bank account info working

The download now includes the CB Plugin, a replacement mod_virtuemart module, and 2 files in VM that need to be overwritten.

Also there's now docs for install and use of all parts of this plugin!

Comments are fine here; bugs etc. to the forge please!

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One more update:

0.1.3 Country now required, state not required
Admin can alter users 'permissions' (for shop)
Admin can alter 'customer number'
Admin can alter 'shopper group'

Also the vm-hack files are now included for VM 1.0.5, and it's only one file this time (checkout.index.php).

Only one non-critical bug left on the tracker, I'm going to work in integrating this into a testing site - if all goes well and no-one else discovers any critical bugs I guess at some point soon this can go to beta-stability! :D

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doctorlife wrote:

Hi, and hi to all. In first I want give you this link to read for integration:,7353.0.html

and on this link for test integration:

Does it seem work fine, doesn't it ?

After that I have a propouse:
Why not create a tab of login integration (as for additional info), taking over the double ones from additional info tab, and calling this tab something like "shop info"

So, all items needed for shops are all into one specific tab.

After that when we integrate VirtueMart in Joomla with CB we have to deactivate the VM Login and active the CB "shop" tab

OR, in other system, but same result

the "shop" tab we are creating is simple a tab that read the VM Login and able to managing it ...

Waiting your opinion ...

@ben_emo = Please Can you give me your opinion on this ? (thinking your hack is a bit different and thinking this is the most simple how to, also because indipendent from the countinous two components development ... )

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15 years 2 weeks ago #17012 by ben_emo
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Hi doctorlife,

Yes I agree! That's exactly what the plugin does ( or will do once it's complete ;) ) - I wanted to build something that would work within CB and VM and not be reliant on hacking either of them, that way they could be upgraded easily.

At the moment when you install the plugin VM thinks it's handling users as normal - the CB plugin just reads and writes the info from the VM user data, so if you go into the VM account management functions that's fine - if you later go into the CB account functions then the data will be read from the VM user data and you'll see the latest data that you changed in VM.

I think it would be better to push users towards the integrated CB profile though - so to use the CB login/registration module for example. They *must* register through CB - if they register in VM the account isn't created properly in CB - and at the moment that's the only part of VM that you need to hack to get the integration working well. I've actually posted on the VM forum asking Soeren if we can get this included in VM itself, then there'd be no hacking needed!

I've got a few more updates to the plugin to get done today - should have a 0.1.4 release later on today. The biggest change is that the replacement VM module (mod_virtuemart_cb) will be removed, as I just realised that replacing the 'account maintenance' link doesn't let users view their orders, so that's no good. But as mentioned above the user can edit their details in either VM or CB and that's fine, as long as they registered in CB.

Thanks for your constructive feedback!

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Unfortunately that's the problem I've been having - and even after posting a notice to go through my *main* registration form before using the cart form, ever since I upgraded to 1.0.10 it's been nothing but problems, even after synchronizing the user bases...

It's obviously because of the security changes in 1.0.10 (and I haven't upgraded the shop *yet* to 1.0.6 to address these changes) but I am certain that CB will continue to be a "thorn" - but with the success I've had with CB, the response I've had since installing CB, and the support Soeren and his team have been willing to give - it's a thorn I am MORE than willing to live with. :)

Though at times like this I wish I was more of a programmer than designer. LOL

Keep up the great work, guys, and I will definitely be following this thread and running whatever tests I can. I've been following the bug-trackers and thus far I haven't found bugs that weren't already reported - when I do I'll be sure to get my input in there. :)

Thanks, all! :) It's going to be far more than nice when there's seamless integration between VM and CB... ;)

(EDIT: Is there something in the works to address the changes in Joomla 1.0.10 and the changes Soeren made with 1.0.6? Thanks.


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