VirtueMart Integration?

13 years 6 months ago #16206 by rembrandt
i just installed the plugin and after going through the account creation process to buy a downloadable file, and I am logged in,I get "you are not authorized to view this resource"

I also get this error when "Use silent (hidden) user registration?" is selected and I try to respond to the email.

I am running Virtumart 1.0.5
Joomla 1.0.8
CB 1.0

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13 years 6 months ago #16422 by doctorlife
@ ben_emo

doctorlife wrote:

Me too :),

In special what I'm looking for (with integration) is also to have into one portal a big store that show and permit to users to buy from a lot of shops (my customers shops).
So each customer manage his own shop (that he can have at low cost) and Portal have back a small % from each cart.

Have you understand me ?

Is this feature included (or will be included) into your plugin ?
13 years 6 months ago #16472 by ben_emo

Is this feature included (or will be included) into your plugin ?

No sorry, that's something you'd need to talk to Soeren (the virtuemart dev.) about, my plugin won't touch that kind of functionality.
13 years 6 months ago #16605 by ckayfish
In order to ensure a full CB login occurs, I modified checkout.login_form.php to display a copy of the CB login module.

First I copied my main CB_Login module, changed the module settings to fit my purpose, and set it to display in a position that I do not use in my templates (user8).

I then inserted the following into checkout.login_form.php

[code:1]<?php mosLoadModules ( 'user8' ); ?>[/code:1]

I also use the CB registration form to ensure a complete CB account is created, along with e-mail verification (no admin approval). The only thing I am missing is having users that register during checkout being logged-in and directed back to the checkout process immeditaly after verifying their e-mail.

Any ideas on how to do this, or reasons why I should not do what I stated above?

I'm running Joomla 1.0.10, VM 1.0.5, and CB 1.0 Stable and now plug_virtumart 0.1.1. Everything is running great!

A big thanks to Ben for all the work he has put into this!

Tips for understanding and solving your issue - Props to Krileon for creating this.
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13 years 6 months ago #16899 by doctorlife
Sorry, at this moment I'm really too confused about CB project develop:

Where is it possible take a look and post suggestions for a Roadmap ?

I think is too important for all to understand what happen

Many Thanks for explainations :)
13 years 6 months ago #16941 by ben_emo
Hi doctorlife,

I'm not sure what you mean - do you mean a roadmap for the VM/CB plugin or for CB itself?

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