Community Builder 2.0 Batch Processing Features

batchprocessing 500

One of the many new features of Community Builder 2.0 is the batch processing functionality present in the CB Tab, Field, Plugin and User List management pages.

This functionality lets CB admins easily perform mass changes to multiple selected CB elements.

Some sample usages follow to help you understand the functionality and the power. With this new functionality you can set the:

  • Field type, Required property, Tab placement, Profile property, Registration presence, Edit property (also new in CB 2.0) or Searchable property of multiple selected fields
  • Display type, Access viewing level or Position placement of multiple selected tabs
  • Default status or Access View level of multiple selected user lists
  • Access View level of multiple selected CB Plugins

In the screenshot above we are showing how to use the enhanced Search Tools feature to filter all text type fields and the Batch Tools feature to move 2 text fields to a different tab. But we could have also selected a new field type in the -Select type- drop down parameter to convert these 2 fields from text type to text area. Yup, CB 2.0 now supports field type conversions.

Another great administrative feature included in CB 2.0 is the copy feature that lets administrators copy CB fields, tabs and user lists from the relevant CB management pages.

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