Details for CB AutoWelcome Plugin v. 1.2 (last release for CB 1.9.1)

Name:CB AutoWelcome Plugin v. 1.2 (last release for CB 1.9.1)

This CB Plugin can be downloaded by Advanced or Professional members. It is released under the GPL v2.

The plugin must be installed via the CB Plugin Management installer (not the Joomla installer!!!!).

Once installed and published, you can configure a personalized message to be sent via private messaging integration and/or email to all newly registered members. The plugin also enables automatic connection initiation with new member and one or more key members.

Plugin support is available on our forums (see dedicated category).

This plugin can be downloaded only by Advanced/Professional/Developer members.

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Created On: 05/14/2010 19:19
Viewers:Advanced Members Subscription Group
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Last updated on: 12/07/2014 14:15