Groupjive and Eventlist

12 years 4 days ago #111868 by gingi101
Groupjive and Eventlist was created by gingi101
Is there any support for Eventlist in Groupjive?
According to the readme it says there is but when I go to the Integration of Groupjive I can't see it.
I can submit an event for users (I added the cb plugin) but not for a group.

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12 years 3 days ago #111936 by ckayfish
Replied by ckayfish on topic Re:Groupjive and Eventlist
The readme files have not been updated for this stabilization release. Currently, there is no supported integration with Eventlist, or any other events program. The Groupjive developers will be providing an API that will allow people to extend Groupjive however they like, but they are not promising to provide any specific integration for us, with the exception of Kunena for forums.

Please also note that this current incarnation of groupjive is only to make it stable (eg, get rid of bugs, make it work). There is no new "features" being added. The devs will then be looking at a complete re-write using the CB API

Tips for understanding and solving your issue - Props to Krileon for creating this.
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