12 years 2 months ago #110435 by mrsoul

Hello dear users,

I am Al, administrator and the sole developer and half of Profile Manager.

I am urging all of you to DEMAND BACK the money paid to (nico Kurth) as this program is a free program distributed under GPL License.

The component in question is basically a rip off of an old established program which was going under the name: APC and let me spell that out, Advanced Profile Control developed by Mikko, most of you that visit the website have heard of him before.
Let me further explain this in detail. We started out this venture ( when Nick contracted me through GAF (, at this time he contracted me for debugging APC and taking out all license related codes so he could use this at his own website, I agreed.
Later on I found out that he was in fact the owner of a scam website called where he was already blatantly selling this program under a different name called APC 1.2, not only is this plagiarism but he also tricked me by telling me it was for personal usage.

I was petrified to see that he has even managed to convince the editors of Joomla to transfer Proma which was filed under my account to his. Nico Kurth (aka Nick) ex-partner of me is nothing but a con artist.

I have decided to set up my own website solely for distributing Proma GPL which can be found at the end of the week here: free of charge

Again I am urging all of you to DEMAND BACK the money paid. This program is free of charge, if you have paid for this we can shake hands cause I am in the same boat.

Luckily I have had the chance to sent this message before my account gets disabled, you are all entitled to know the facts and therefore I had to sent this message.

Sincere regards,

Al (smyrna75 at
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12 years 2 months ago #110447 by mrsoul
People should step up and demand back the money paid. This dirty money making scheme must stop!

He already went ahead and deleted my account as well as other posts regarding to this issue.
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