Only Admin is showing in user list

13 years 7 months ago #23024 by Ironman2003
Hello -

I am really confused here...

Here is the background...I originally bridged my site from SMF to Joomla 1.1 using the bridge then I stumbled upon this plugin.

Everything installed smoothly and looks great. Next - after doing a sync of users through the tools section of CB, it says it is successful. However, when I display the user listing from the user menu, it only shows myself in the directory and not anyone else.

Is there something that I have done wrong or that the members need to do to be seen?
13 years 7 months ago #23106 by Ironman2003

I have had 2 new members register thus far since I installed the community builder and they show up, but not any previous members.

I would really appreciate a reply to this as I would like to put this to bed soon. :)
13 years 7 months ago #23116 by nant
You need to help with debuging.
Since you use some SMF bridge who knows whats happening with Joomla.

Look at the Joomla users list.
Look at the CB users list (CB User Management).


What differences do you see?
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