[SOLVED] [#5416] [#5225] Cron job help

6 years 10 months ago #268004 by nant

beat wrote: Kyle has escalated the issue to me some time ago already, and I would first like to apologize for my own delay in investigating the issue and replying here.

I could now reproduce locally the issue of the test mailer that wasn't working on your site, which was a different case of our test-cases. And also fix it!

Tomorrow's nightly release of CBSubs (and in particular of CBSubs mailer integration plugin) fixes the bug.

Thanks for your patience. As soon as tomorrow's nightly is released, we'll add a link here to download it (you will need to upgrade CB to 2.0.10 (or better, nightly) and CBSubs to the tomorrow's nightly version).


CBSubs nightly released with this fix.

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6 years 9 months ago #268171 by ecweb
Replied by ecweb on topic [SOLVED] [#5416] Help with cron and mailer
Great - I have tested it and it is now finally working for me!
Thanks for solving this issue.
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6 years 5 months ago #275511 by JerryK132
Replied by JerryK132 on topic [SOLVED] [#5416] Help with cron and mailer
We are having a similar/same problem with 0 messages being placed in queue by CB-Subs mailer.

We are up to date with latest builds (but not nightly) of CB and CB Subs (2.0.12/4.0.1)

There was no problem before upgrade from 1.9.1 and 3.x and since upgrade a few weeks ago, we've discovered it's not working when we activate the Automation link.

I see that the suggestion in this thread is to use the CI nightly version, but as this was suggested nearly 5 months ago (the release date of 4.0.1?), I would have expected the current stable releases would already contain any fixes.

Would you please help clarify the situation? What should we do - upgrade to cb/cbsubs nightlies?

Incidentally at some point we received the following error message. We updated a couple of plugins and the error went away. This is probably irrelevant but I'm including it just in case:
#1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'A 'R' ORDER BY m.`id` DESC' at line 5 SQL=SELECT * FROM `Dev03_cbsubs_subscriptions` AS m WHERE (m.`expiry_date` <= '2014-12-17 20:00:08') AND (m.`expiry_date` >= '2016-12-17 20:00:08') AND m.`plan_id` = 1 AND m.`status` A 'R' ORDER BY m.`id` DESC

Looking forward to an update - and Merry Christmas!

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