JBJuice2 - Access multiselect fields

7 years 8 months ago #190445 by drchamp52
I need to import/export from CBuilder user fields to/from a local Access database. I have the following problem I can't solve.

Using CBJuice2 Community Builder multiselect fields are .csv exported as a single field with |*| as a separator between selections in CBJuice2. When Access exports the .csv it creates a separate row for each of the defined multiselect selections with out |*|.

How does one transpose/convert between the two csv formats?

7 years 8 months ago #191374 by ronsta
I export data from CB into filemaker.

After I import the data into filemaker, I use filemaker to do a find and replace of |*| with a line break.

That fixes it up in filemaker but not sure if Access can do the same thing.

You could also just try a find and replace directly in your CSV file before you import it.
7 years 8 months ago #191535 by drchamp52
Thanks for the reply. I ended up working with someone who is skilled in php. He is creating a piece of stand alone code which will take the text based concatenated multiselect fields from mysql/CB/CBJuice and create the multiple unique individual records which is needed to import into Access. And, the php to go in the other direction from an Access save as csv file with individual records to a text concatenated |*| field for multiselect form items.
7 years 8 months ago #191537 by jciconsult
I would strongly advise you to learn how to work with unique records etc in Access if you are going to work with such powerful tools. it is actually very very easy. It is also easy in access to write a vba macro to create the kind of compound field that Community Builder requires. In the economics site that I developed CBJUICE for, we use access to maintain things as well. In the church site where we have complex multiselect fields, I use an EXCEL system to manage it but there are only about 1000 members.
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