Problem with Registration Date and Last Visit Dates Not transferring

4 years 6 months ago #259469 by allenjj
I used 3.1.6 to download users from a CB 1.91 site and then used Juice2 v 3.3.2 to upload to a CB 2.06 site. All worked wonderfully except the registration date and the last visit dates did not transfer. It took a little fiddling to get the header codes to match the CB 2 codes but that wasnt such a big deal. Any trick for getting the registration dates and last visit dates to transfer? I am testing this on my development site in anticipation of using it to upgrade my sites.

4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #260382 by allenjj
I have made sure all the headers in the excel spreadsheet match the field names in the cb install. Tried adding users and then updating users and neither function transferred the registration dates and last visit dates. Is there a way to get those two fields transferred other than manually entering them? The fields are displayed in the excel spreadsheet and appear to have the correct format. The file is appropriately saved as csv with the correct delimiter set. Here are the field headers in the csv file, as they two fields that did not transfer appear correct to me.

name username email password block sendEmail registerDate lastvisitDate activation params lastResetTime resetCount otpKey otep requireReset user_id firstname middlename lastname hits message_last_sent message_number_sent avatar avatarapproved approved confirmed lastupdatedate registeripaddr cbactivation banned banneddate unbanneddate bannedby unbannedby bannedreason acceptedterms cb_mytankdescription cb_myfish cb_mycorals cb_gender cb_location cb_interests cb_company cb_address cb_city cb_state cb_cd_zipcode cb_country cb_phone cb_fax cb_pgenable cb_pgautopublish cb_pgautoapprove cb_pgshortgreeting cb_pgtotalquotasize cb_pgtotalquotaitems cb_pguploadsize cb_pgtotalitems cb_pgtotalsize cb_pglastupdate cb_pgaccessmode cb_pgdisplayformat cb_pb_enable cb_pb_autopublish cb_pb_notifyme cb_pb_enable_blog cb_pb_enable_wall cb_pb_autopublish_wall cb_pb_notifyme_wall fb_userid twitter_userid linkedin_userid windowslive_userid google_userid instagram_userid foursquare_userid github_userid invite_code cb_birthdate cb_icqnumber cb_msnmessengerhandle cb_skypename cb_aimscreenname cb_yahoomessengerhandle cb_typeoftank cb_yearstartedinhobby cb_typesoftanks cb_sizeoftanks cb_typeoffiltration cb_favoritefish cb_favoritecoral cb_lighting cb_othertankequipment cb_subs_inv_first_name cb_subs_inv_last_name cb_subs_inv_payer_business_name cb_subs_inv_address_street cb_subs_inv_address_city cb_subs_inv_address_state cb_subs_inv_address_zip cb_subs_inv_address_country cb_subs_inv_contact_phone cb_subs_inv_vat_number cb_forumordering cb_ordering usertype

4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #260385 by allenjj
After multiple attempts at getting the fields to transfer, seems they will only transfer if the date fields are in the European format and not the american format. Seems I solved my own problem. In viewing the CB video on the subject I noticed the format of the date fields, and in my csv file, reformatted, and the fields transferred. The format needs to be YYYY / Month / Day

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