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Access while creating groups was created by crony

The access level of groups seems a bit weird on my site.
In fact, I may choose between some of Joomla! groups, but I don't know why they are available, and they are not all shown !
I have 14 groups available, but I have more than 250 !

Also, all my groups created in GJ are open to everybody by default. (as some of my categories are private)

Is it a bug ?

To "correct" that, I've added a CSS property to hide this field like this :

Into default template.css of GJ:
.cbGroupJive .gjEditContentInput2 {
	display: none;

And into group_edit.php, line 137:
$return	.='<div class="gjEditContentInput2">'

But maybe an option to show/hide each field (with the default value) could be interesting to integrate ?

Or this is why templates for GJ are there, so I can change the views as I wish ?

Thanks !

J! 2.5.6 - CB 1.8.1 - GroupJive 2.5.3

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