[SOLVED] Subscription Membership Options not being proposed

4 years 7 months ago #271239 by nant

cjmicro wrote: Thanks for the note. the bug fix helps the problem with text not showing with readmore for category blog. However, it does not help with my subscriptions not being proposed.

When you view your subscriptions it shows your current or past subscriptions, but does not propose any of the other plans. This is/was not the case on the old site using cb 1.9 and CBsubs 3. It is the same server, i am working with an upgrade in a new folder.

I PMed you superadmin login, please help. I cannot go live without this working. Thank you.

On another site with CB2.1 and CBsubs 4.01 it does work properly, so it's something on this site! I turned on error reporting and i do not get that offset error as I do on this site by the way.

Please do not PM credentials unless they have not been asked for (in the future).

Your issue is purely a configuration error on your part.

All plans were configured with no Access group.

I configured your first plan to be available for Public and it now shows up in the Subscriptions tab on user profiles.

Please configure the other plans in the same way (plan -> access tab -> Visible for Group (and above this group) must be set to something (propose Public).

Also you have really configured CB strangely (unpubliching tabs etc) - not sure if this will cause you other issues.

Please confirm that this was the case with your plans problem.
4 years 7 months ago #271241 by cjmicro
YAY Thank you so much!! I think i have looked at this so much that my eyes are crossed and in comparing back and forth I never figured that out. I so appreciate your looking for me and helping!!

Sorry about the PM, noted for future.
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