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15 years 3 months ago #39704 by subkubus
Connections "popup" form was created by subkubus

I'm faced with following problem:

I've placed the community builder menu on the extreme left hand side of my page. This has the consequence, that if anyone wants to create a connection, the little purple form window does popup - but due to the left hand sie of the page, about a quater of it is cut off, ie invisible. This includes the submit button.

How do I go about readjusting the position of this little window? If anybody could point me in the direction of the relative files and line no. (or give me a more detailed answer - please!) I would be really grateful.


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15 years 3 months ago #39744 by subkubus
Replied by subkubus on topic Re:Connections "popup" form
After a bit more research in the nature of overLIB (the thingy-ma-bob which controls the little purple popup) - I've found the answer. Here it is for future reference:

In order to control the positioning of the Popup window relative to its anchor (ie the hyperlink) - go to components/com_comprofiler/plugin/user/plug_cbmenu and open the cbmenu.php.

On line 922 you'll find following code segment:


What we're interested in, is the UL (right at the end). This stands for "Upper left" and denotes which corner is actually in contact with our point of reference/anchor.

As you'll remember, my problem was, that the window was opening too far left - it was impossible to click "submit" as this part of the form was "off the screen".

By changing UL to UR (upper right) - the window opens to the right of our anchor, instead of left. Alternative variables are also LL (lower left) and LR (lower right) - this makes the popup open above the anchor.

Hope this helps somebody ;)

If you're interested into personalizing these popups even further - here's a couple of links:


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15 years 1 week ago #45951 by gil7002
Replied by gil7002 on topic Re:Connections "popup" form
To have a dropdown list with those options in the configuration tab would be cool.

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