[SOLVED] CB Profile Gallery - file upload fails

11 years 8 months ago #132576 by mariani
Folder rights!

Suddenly when trying to upload items to the CB Profile Gallery it just returns: "The file upload has failed! - Please notify your system admin!"



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11 years 8 months ago #132578 by ckayfish
Replied by ckayfish on topic Re:CB Profile Gallery - file upload fails
If you didnt change anything in CB and you have the config item "Time Bomb" set to false (just kidding silly, there's no time bomb), then I dont know what to say. Are any server errors being generated, do you have a max file space limit on your site that you've reached,? Are the files you are uploading now larger than previous ones? Has anything with your host changed?

Edit: For future reference, if you are using the term "Suddenly" in a support type question, you should stop and consider trying to gather more information because "Suddenly" is never accurate or helpful. <-- This is me trying to be helpfull, not condensending, we all learn together

Glad to see you discovered it was folder rights. Do you know how/when/why they changed?

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