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12 years 3 months ago #76585 by ck2069
New Norwegian language pack was created by ck2069
Hi, the language pack that was downloadable here was full of missing translations, probably becouse of its age.

I added all lines that was missing (found them in the default language files) and translated all but 3 things that i felt would be better untuched.

The file is here:

I ahve also attached the file to this post so it is 2 places for the time being.

Attachment not found

Also i have a question (that is also mentioned at the top part of the norwegian.php file)
How do you implent the missing 3 letters to be shown in the CB components websites... all i get now is a square for them... and that is not good..

I also want to ask for a function for CB: somthing to allow at least admins to use 2 letter usernames.

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12 years 3 months ago #76616 by ck2069
Replied by ck2069 on topic Re:New Norwegian language pack
Reply to my own post:
For joomla novices like me who have little or none experience with the different scripts used in joomla:
When you use an simple teksteditor for translating you need to use the following "codes" to get the 3 norwegian special letters to show the way they are ment to:
Æ = æ
Ø = ø
Š= å

This is the codes needed in the charset UTF-8
You could also change the charset to a set that is more complete like: ISO-8859-1

Also there is a line needed to be added in the norwegian language file named nb-NO.mod_login.ini that you find in: language / nb-NO /

you need to add the line:
LOST PASSWORD?=Glemt Passord?

like this:
[code:1]# $Id: nb-NO.mod_login.ini 437 2008-07-16 05:38:56Z jenscski $
# author Joomla! i Norge
# copyright (C) 2005 - 2008 Joomla! i Norge. All rights reserved.
# license GNU/GPL

# Note : All ini files need to be saved as UTF-8

DESCLOGINFORM=Denne modulen viser et skjema for å logge på siden, samt en lenke for å få tilsendt et nytt passord. Hvis brukerregistrering er aktivt, se konfigurasjonen, vil det også vises en lenke for registrering av brukerkonto på nettstedet.
ENCRYPT LOGIN FORM=Krypter innlogging
FORGOT_YOUR_PASSWORD=Glemt ditt passord?
FORGOT_YOUR_USERNAME=Glemt ditt brukernavn?
HINAME=Hei, %s
LOGIN MESSAGE=Melding ved pålogging
LOGIN REDIRECTION URL=Side ved pålogging
LOGOUT MESSAGE=Melding ved avlogging
LOST PASSWORD?=Glemt Passord?
NO ACCOUNT YET?=Ingen konto?
PARAMPOSTTEXT=Dette er teksten/html-koden som blir vist under påloggingsskjemaet
PARAMPRETEXT=Dette er teksten/html-koden som blir vist over påloggingsskjemaet
PARAMLOGINREDIRECTURL=Hvilken side brukeren blir sendt til ved pålogging. Velg en side fra listen, eller la den stå tom, og forsiden vil da bli brukt.
PARAMLOGOUTREDIRECTURL=Hvilken side brukeren blir sendt til ved avlogging. Velg en side fra listen, eller la den stå tom, og forsiden vil da bli brukt.
PARAMLOGINMESSAGE=Skjul/vis javascript-melding som forteller at brukeren er logget på
PARAMLOGOUTMESSAGE=Skjul/vis javascript-melding som forteller at brukeren er logget av
REGISTER=Registrer konto
SHOW/HIDE THE SIMPLE GREETING TEXT=Skjul/vis enkel velkomstmelding
SUBMIT ENCRYPTED LOGIN DATA (REQUIRES SSL)=Send innloggingsdata kryptert (krever SSL). Ikke aktiver dette valget om ikke Joomla! er tilgjengelig via 'https://'-protokollprefikset.

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