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pabelzar wrote:

Thanks nant for the reply.
It's all iso. Well, except the sql collate and language that is set to utf by default.

I've tried several times reinstalling the whole joomla... and community builder only allows me to install spanish in UTF. But then I see strange characters as "Idioma Español para Community Builder (completo)."

Any idea? Perhaps the CB installer is UTF encoded by default?

CB installer has nothing to do with language.
look in language files - both Joomla and CB for problematic language strings.
12 years 4 months ago #53748 by pabelzar
Thanks again.
There's no way. I changed in some xml files utf by ISO, but I can not get the cb ok.

I finally got installed the ISO spanish file (see it with notepad++ that it is really installed), but somewhere in cb or in joomla 1.0.13 is "translated to utf" I guess.

Crazy, I'm beginning to give up.
12 years 4 months ago #53767 by beat
CB itself supports UTF-8.

For Joomla, you need to:

1) have a language file where the define of _ISO is utf-8.
2) edit database.php (search for utf8 and uncomment that line).

You then need to check the page source to be sure that the header contains utf-8 and not ISO setting.

Then you need to use CB language file with ISO.

However, always save your language files without BOM. Indeed a BOM as well as any space or blank line before "<?php" or after "?>" in any php file, including language ones, will break your headers outputs and might introduce bugs in your web-site, including for your language charsetss settings.

We are working to simplify these charset headaches, but it's not yet there.

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:ohmy: Yo lo necesito, mi correo electrónico es, gracias
12 years 4 months ago #53791 by pabelzar
I finally I did it. Don't know exactly how, but it works. I have not modified joomla, database.php or anything else. Simply I have installed the spanish from here:

Thanks again for helping
12 years 4 months ago #53877 by ccattani
Podrias ayudarme tambien con el archivo de español. Mi direccion es Gracias
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