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12 years 3 months ago #49810 by duto

I would need urgent a CB Plugin which makes "Private Chat" possible

There should be a button on every "online" profile - which starts a new dhtml window for a private conversation with the profile owner.

the window should look like on the attached image

also a link on the "who is online" module should be added

I would sponsor this feature with 250 €

Who would develop this feature for me and other joomlapolitans?

I think this would make CB much more popular

If there are no developers who would develop this - who would also sponsor this feature? maybe we could hire an external coder

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12 years 2 months ago #50704 by duto
I have this feature ready...

everyone who helps me with sponsoring will get this plugin - and if the whole is sponsored I will share with CB Community

thank you
12 years 2 months ago #50835 by beat
great ! - sent you a pm

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12 years 2 months ago #51001 by perlfan
Sponsor?? What does that exactly mean?? I am also pretty interested in that feature.

Thanks, Frank

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12 years 2 months ago #51004 by Deinticker
Would like to know that too
12 years 2 months ago #52069 by mgough
I would also like to have a module like this.

The goal is to have a chat much like AjaxChat that can be configured ONLY to allow private chat with users. A simple chat.

It would be nice if a module like "All Users Pro" only listed the users in your connections. vs. all users online like Ajax of All Users Pro.

So... the features...

1. Invite them from something like All Users Pro or just by knowing their username. into a "Only My Users" module that is in your profile window or your User Menu.
2. Once added, then able to send them an IM when they are online... and see them online via the "Only My Users" module and maybe through your added connections.
3. Ask them to chat by their little icon (like Ajax Live Users) but from the "Only my Users" module. Do not see everyone logged in.
4. The ability to add what is in the clipboard by a button (other than ctrl-c) into the invited users chat window... to be used to launch an application etc.. or add buttons to do whatever function you wanted to launch... to customize...

That would be my wishlist...

I would donate to this module.. !

Contact me if you are working on it... for testing.

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