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Re-enter Email Address on Registration

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15 years 1 week ago #98658 by beat
You are free to create a plugin combining email and password field types. ;)

I personally hate fields asked twice (except for password-type fields where you do not see what you type so it's understandable). Always using copy-paste after proof-reading, thinking "this site thinks i'm an idiot", which isn't positive.

Also someone knowingfully entering wrong email, will enter it twice too, no worries.

Way better "protection" is ajax tester + a clear "field delimiter" text above or below email address telling they better enter a correct address to be able to activate. ;)

Then those who don't want to give address will create a throw-away email for single use.

You simply can not force people not wanting to.

Only way to filter is to make them there is a chance that they are interested (see CBSubs for that, for CB 1.2). :D

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