Gallery feature for all uploaded images

11 years 9 months ago #63018 by skwtayler
Hi all,

I'm a newbie but I don't think this exists...
It would be great to have a Gallery option (Lightbox-type)whereby subscribed members could chose to upload their images to certain categories (eg holiday, sport, work etc). These Galleries could then be searched by various members. I checked the CB Gallery module but I don't think this does the above.
I think this would be a great feature as it could be used to post pictures as well as "portfolios" etc.
Also the images should be searchable with descriptions.
Am I way out here or is this possible?

Another one would be having the ability to add members details to a little favourites list.
10 years 9 months ago #99299 by RebelFlicks
Old news, but joomgallery seems to do most of this. It works with CB.
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