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11 years 1 month ago #97345 by veivei
Hi guys,
does anyone know a good mp3 player / playlist plugin for Community Builder extensions on Joomla 1.5 ? (Free) :roll:
I've tried to look on Joomla main extension site or here but I got no luck to find what I need, especially the non-commercial version.
The purpose for the plugin itself is for every user have their own mp3 player/playlist on their CB profile. Also users can upload their audio files directly from their profile page.

I really need it for my upcoming indie music site.
Some help please :blush:
11 years 3 weeks ago #98118 by erkbiz

I, too, am looking for such a player. There is a company out there called JoomlaXTC that says it offers such a player, but, be careful.

I purchased the player thinking I was getting the latest version, v1.2, but ended up with v1.1. I cannot locate v1.2 anywhere on the site even though it is talked about in the forum....very confusing.

I think v1.2 is required to use the CB plug-in but I cannot verify this because I cannot get v1.1 to work. It does work cause I have seen it working but, me, along with others have had no success.

I tell you this just in case someone else recommend this as a solution.

The XTC website is: www.joomlaxtc.com/index.php

If I come across something I'll come back and let you know.

Good luck,
11 years 3 days ago #100466 by Rolluf
I too would like to have a free option where users can post their (selfmade) music for other users to listen to.

It would be really nice if users can upload an MP3 which would end up in their profile!?

Please help! :blink:

PS: Besides MP3 i would like to enable my users to upload other files to their profiles too. It would concern files created by an opensource-programm all users are using, does anyone know if such a thing is possible?

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