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11 years 7 months ago #143102 by masterchun
Mosets Tree Listing Plugin for CB was created by masterchun
Hopefully this will help others looking for this plugin.

I built a website for a pretty large church here in Dallas. Used CB to manage the registration but the church wanted to create a business directory using Mosets Tree to direct parishioners to businesses owned by other members of the church.

I wanted a tab on the CB profile that showed the Mosets Tree listings created by that user. Unfortunately the original one created by Sam at MoxieMedia didn't work. I searched and found a couple of links to "updated" version but they either didn't work, or required legacy mode or older version of CB.

I finally found a version that works with Joomla 1.5 and the newest versions of CB and Mosets Tree. It doesn't require Legacy Mode.

It appears to be rewritten from scratch, has a GPL license, includes a manual and doesn't require registration to download:

They also added a couple of features such as a parameter setting to determine the number of links shown on the tab. Looks like they used the native Joomla pagination function.

I contacted them and they said they will be releasing new GPL versions of the Mosets Tree reviews plugin for CB as well as the Mosets Tree Savant2 plugin which links to the CB profile.

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10 years 3 months ago #190885 by agof7on
Replied by agof7on on topic Re: Mosets Tree Listing Plugin for CB
Hi, does anybody know how to set this plugin to show the listings for other users.

I have installed this, but i find that whoevers profile i look at in CB i always see my mosets tree listings listed.

I know this is possible as i used to have it setup this way, but after a site transfer i lost this functionality. (think the plugin got corrupted somehow)

So what im looking for is that when i view someone elses CB profile i get to also see their mosets tree listings.

Any suggestions?



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