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This user manual is a dull read, boring, hard to follow, and not user friendly. Yes it does go through what every single feature does, but there doesn't appear to be any practicale user friendly way of making sense of the information. Every single section seems to start with with "This section of the CB configuration options allows the Joomla/Mambo driven CB
suite website administrator...bla bla".
For me there is nothing practicale in here, like when a user clicks on "update user profile", how do you get rid of that dumb database looking page that comes up with feilds like UE_FB_ORDERING_OLDEST? I don't know bc I can't seem to find something equivalent to a get started quickly section in this thing. It just goes on and on about every field option in the whole entire program.
I'm just very frustrated with how much I paid for this document. I could have bought a great book for the same price and surely I would have learned more.

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I also find the layout of the site very confusing!

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what is all this crap? How to get rid of it......sorry, but i've spent days on this program now, read the whole manual and I'm VERY FRUSTRATED!

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Thank you for your feedback.

I agree, the documentation can always be improved and we are constantly adding things to it. And yes, it's initial goal is to outline the meaning of each parameter and explain what this parameter is used for.

The specific screenshot you included (along with the "what is all this crap?" comment) appears to be from a CB 1.1 site. It is the forum integration tab that is created when you click on the CB integration url in your fireboard backend (yup you clicked this). So with this action you selected, the fireboard component created this CB tab and the CB fields and also gave them titles and values pointing to language strings (everything that starts with _UE_ is a CB language string). However, nowhere in this process were these language strings defined. The were not in the default language files of CB 1.1 prior to the release of the fireboard component and unfortunately, the fireboard team did not consult with the CB team when they did this.

So many CB + FB users ran into this problem and of course started posting things here on these forums. I personally debugged this issue and posted a sticky article with the fix HERE (which you would have been taken to if you searched the forum for _UE_FB ).

This issue has been fixed in CB 1.2 RC2 and we are currently trying to fix additional FB 1.0.5 issues that also start from the fact that the FB team has made changes that affect the integration with CB.

Now regarding your general frustration, well you should expect some - there are many different development teams working in parallel and with different strategies. The CB Team tries to release solid - well tested - robust systems that generate very few end-user problems (because it would be impossible to respond to mass posts of users who - unfortunately - seldom search before they post. Other development teams follow different strategies. They don't have the proper testing teams in place (CB has over 80 people in its test team) and they rely on the masses to do real testing - thus in many cases - a lot of frustration ...

If you have specific documentation proposals for improvement, then by all means put them on the table. Please note however, that there is no way that any single document can address all these - not directly CB issues. The only true way for people to learn is for them to invest time to search, investigate, test, give feedback, etc. and for others to respond and help each other.

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