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Cookie expiration time was created by YeeP
Although this has to do with other plugins, I wonder how I can modify the expiration time of the CB login. Let me explain why.

I am using jfusion to combine phpBB3 and Joomla! Everything is working OK as far as what jfusion is supposed to do. It is also creating the CB users the way CB does when it is working on its' own. This is because I am using the CB login/registration and not the jfusion. Other people have had luck with this on the jfusion forum, when using 1.2 RC3, so I expected this.

However, my page users are complaining about how often they have to "re-login" on the main site. The cookie on the forum lasts much longer before it expires. For example, I can login to both places (which will not exist after I can figure out this cookie expiration issue) then come back to the site 5 minutes later. I will need to login to the main site, but I can hit the forum link on the site, and my cookie is still active and do not need to log in.

Any ideas on how to make this cookie last longer? Or is this purely a jfusion issue?

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