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I am in the process of migrating a client's site from J1.5 to J2.5. This of course, requires that I maintain installations of the production and development/maintenance versions of the J1.5 site and create a new installations of the test-production and development versions of the new J2.5 migrated site. This will require four installations of CB Subs of the same site to be activated for this client.

I am at the point in the migration that I now need to install and activate CB Subs in the J2.5 version to complete development. As soon as local development has been largely completed, I will need to create a hosted version for testing purposes before the site can go live. Naturally, I will migrate the license from the J1.5 installation to the new J2.5 installation when that version goes live and discontinue the J1.5 license.

This question has been partially answered in this post:
Migrating CBSubs to J25

Normally, I perform "live" testing on one of my hosted servers. But, in this case it might be best to bury the test J2.5 installation on the clients production server so the IP address reflected is the same as the J1.5 installation.

If I create the new migrated versions of the site on both the client's live production server and my local development server, will that violate the two installation license?

Joomlapolis and crew have made my life so much easier in the past two years and support has been absolutely phenomenal. I don't want to do anything that might jeopardize this relationship. Is there any relief for this situation?

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Hi and thanks for asking,

CBSubs license is for 1 live and 1 test site, but the license manager temporarily tolerates a third development or migration site.

If the above is not respected, during this temporary migration you will see warning messages about total number of installations in CBSubs administration area, but the floating licensing should handle it smoothly.

Temporary multiple installations are tolerated automatically in such migrations, so your sites' installed CBSubs should not stop working. But you might not be able to use the license number to activate more sites depending on other active sites.

However if the situation of over-installations goes on for weeks or you have simultaneously more than 1 live site used productively, then you should purchase the corresponding CBSubs sites licenses.

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Thanks for clearing that up Beat.

Right now my profile does show 3 instances; one production installation and two development installations (all the same J1.5 site). I have a copy on my main system and another on a laptop that is usually only used when I travel and must perform maintenance duties (this copy is not used that often.

I have cleared the license from the two development servers, but the profile still shows them activated. How often are the systems polled for activation?

Note: As I'm writing this, I checked my profile again and found that it is now showing 5 instances! I just performed a jUpgrade migration last night and apparently it created two more installations, but didn't clear the two that were shut down. I have cleared the license of those installations as well, but I'm hesitant to proceed until the additional licenses are cleared for fear of shutting down the live site.

How long will it take for the system to clear the development installations?

Thank you

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