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Need Urgent Help - CB Subs

14 years 11 months ago #99945 by salescommunity
Need Urgent Help - CB Subs was created by salescommunity
My web developer resigned last week and I have been trying to do it all myself and with little or no experience, I fear I have done something wrong. I have managed to upgrade CB to 1.2 and then installed CB Subs to our website.

However, now both our website and Joomla backend have the same error and I cannot do anything to the site:

"The required free ionCube loader for your server type and php version is not installed. Please contact your hoster to install it for you, or visit ionCube free downloads page of ionCube loaders for the loader and instructions. In case of problems insalling the loader, please contact ionCube support directly after checking their support forum. Thanks."

DreamHost have come back to us with this:

IonCube is not installed by default...However, our very helpful customers have written up a guide to making IonCube work on our system:

Bear in mind, we can't do this for you as it entails custom configuration, but if you need help, you can always turn to for help...our customers were the ones who wrote the article in the first place!

We are desperate to get up and running again and I need all the help from this community as possible. Please speak in simple speak, as I am not a developer or a Joomla expert.

Is there an easy solution to this? Is there anyone who wants to do a little work for us to get us back online ASAP?

May everyday be a fantastic selling day!

Gregory Stewart
CEO @ The Sales Community
Phone: +64 21 89 3535
Skype: GregStewart

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