[SOLVED] Still getting 'Session Expired...' Error

11 years 11 months ago #136022 by krileon
It's well known issue throughout the boards that Joobi tends to cause massive problems. From incorrect and fatal PHP errors to JS conflicts and session usage issues. I recommend not using Joobi, at all. Please search boards as you'll find additional posts of similar conflicts, Joobi will also conflict with CBSubs in many situations as well.

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11 years 11 months ago #136056 by slg
I have already read the boards in regards to conflicts and normally I would not use Jinstall. I just don't like these "suite" type components for Joomla because they tend to always conflict with something or other and Jinstall is worse than most in that regard because by itslef broke my site. No components were even installed yet.

However, this particular client has been using Acajoom for a long time. They have spent considerable time in training to use it and they are quite happy with it. It's a key part of their customer communication and they are not going to move away from it.
They also have a need for tracking email bounce backs which is the reason why Jsetup has been necessary at all. The only way to install Jbounceback is to install Jsetup.

So normally I would just get rid of the program, but considering that, as far as our needs are, Jsetup also would do for us what CBSUBS does (at least it looks like it) this one time I'll have to go with Jsetup rather than continue using CBSUBS.

It's a pity and I'll be very hard on iJoobi for whatever part they have had in this fiasco, but I simply do not see another program that gives this client the same in house capability. Acajom has indeed performed really well for them and I have tried most of the other solutions for Joomla newsletters (as well as many of the third party solutions) and for those that want an in house Newsletter management that's relatively easy to use and reliable Acajoom is it.

Naturally, I'd be much happier if you guys could email each other and hammer out whatever incompatibilities there are between your two programs. I am willing to bet that in the forthcoming replay from iJoobi, they are going to find a way to blame it on CBSUBS. I know better but that's thenature of these things. No one wants to admit their program is deficient.

Don't get me wrong, I have been using your programs for a very long time. Since the Mambo era, and if I had to put my money on someone it would be joomlapolis. But both my clients and I just want something that works.

Having incompatibilities between programs, regardless of who's at fault only makes everyone down the line look bad. Starting from me as the web designer, all the way to the vendors and Joomla itself.

I think it would be in everybody's insterest to set aside any issues with who's program is better developed and who's done what and just try to fix the issue. My client, for one, really doesn't care. He just knows that I choose two programs based on the vendor's reputation and personal experience and they don't work together.
I couldn't even begin to explain to him who is using the correct API or not.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. Ideally I would like to see this issue fixed, but it doesn't look like it. It's too bad because I was really looking forward to use CBSUBS.

It would be helpful if as these reports come in you could publish a compatibility list so that before making any purchases we would know what workswith what.

In fact. wouldn't a repository of all incompatibilities across the Joomla Sp[here be a neat idea?

Anyway, thank you for your help.

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11 years 11 months ago #136062 by beat

I do feel your understandable frustration, and so has the joobi jsetup conflict also been frustrating for us too. It is indeed the only known incompatibility with CBSubs, as CBSubs only uses clean APIs without any hacking.

Last time I have looked into jsetup, there were some obvious possible reasons that could explain that incompatibility.

As we really do care for our users, independently of issues in third party extensions, and as this is the first case where the joobi extension can't be easily replaced by for instance AcyMailing (also having bounce handling), which is known to run well, also with CB and CBSubs, we will be looking deeper and try to find a solution in next days.

I will reply on your support ticket too, and when there is a solution or workaround, we will post it here too, for others to benefit from it too.

Best Regards,

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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11 years 11 months ago #136065 by slg
Thanks Beat, I want you to know that I don't consider Joomlapolis at all responsible for this mess and I know you guys always try to put out quality products. I feel that now you have enough data to issue a warning that for the time being Jsetup should not be installed with CBSUBS.

I am actually more than a little miffed at iJoobi because Jinstall actually does not install any of the components it is design to install. So it's easy to assume that it's a pretty inert component that will just sit there and "manage" the various installations.

1) Apparently I was wrong. Even empty it seems to mess up cbsubs at least (God knows what else)and obviously it contains scripts that interact with the Joomla sessions.
2) If unistalled the problem persists. I have not investigated that completely, but that's unforgivable. Obviously it modifies the core somehow in an irreparable way. That means your site, unless you have a backup of it, it's gone for good.
3) It does not give you a choice to install the applications in stand alone mode. That's something I never liked about it. My fiend Peter of NoNumber! just came out with a (simpler) manager for his extensions, which is actually very handy for keeping up with the various versions and such, but his extensions are completely stand alone. The manager is optional.

I actually have been using Acajoom a lot and I liked dealing with iJoobi. I am sorry to see a company I supported has strayed so far off the beaten path. But I still think that if there is a solution it should be investigated. I have a feeling that there is nothing you guys could do. iJoobi would have to modify Jinstall to have less of an impact on the Joomla installation. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

My hope in writing these posts is that I have put enough keywords in them so that they'll come up in searches and iJoobi will take notice of the issue.
I have put in a ticket here and at iJoobi at the same time and while you guys have been on it rapidly, iJoobi responded but I am still waiting for any meaningful response aside from "send us your Cpanel access".

So sorry for wasting precious bbandwidth but hopefully it will help in the long run.

Thank you again and make sure to place an alert in the cbsubs installation files not to install jinstall on the same site. Would save someone else a lot of grief.

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11 years 11 months ago #136580 by beat

Ok, finally spent another afternoon debugging this Joobi issue:

The Joobi plugin does alter the PHP system variable $_POST even if there is no POST but a GET request !

The Joobi plugins does set $_POST to 'com_comprofiler' where it shouldn't touch that system variable never (probably they are copying it from $_GET or $_REQUEST. AS the joobi plugin is encoded i couldn't track the exact line and file where the exact bug is, but that's what happens.

As result, CBSubs's high-level security measures detect that it's a POST and check for the anti-spoofing and don't allow acccess as it could possibly be a hacker. Thus that message.

Joobi's plugins should not touch that variable.

In the mean time, here is a temporary workaround in Joomla for that Joobi bug:

in administrator/index.php add following lines:

[code:1]// Workaround for joobi bug: if joobi messes with $_POST when it should not:
if ( $_POST === array( 'option' => 'com_comprofiler' ) ) {
$_POST = array();

just before these dispatching lines:

[code:1]$option = JAdministratorHelper::findOption();

Once that joobi-bug workaround is done, you have access to CBSubs backend.

Until joobi's bug is fixed you need to add those lines at each joomla upgrade.

Please report that bug for fixing back to Joobi. I can't be more precise since the culprit files from Joobi are encoded.

Best Regards,

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

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11 years 11 months ago #136619 by slg
That's awesome work! I will send the find to iJoobi and hopefully I'll get some movement there. I am currently developing 3 sites at the same time, one with Ijoobi ACL, one with CBsubs and one with neither. I am basically edging my bets. Clearly, the one with CBsubs is the one I would like to use. But I will have to choose whatever gets me to the finish line first.
But I think your research will be useful to others and well in case my project goes by the wayside.

Thank you again.

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