[SOLVED] Still getting 'Session Expired...' Error

13 years 6 months ago #141132 by Richardkl

0) make sure your joomla page cache is off, if not put off and try logging-in


1) clear your cache and cookies in browser

Clearded cookies in browser NO change

Lauanched FF 3.6 could not log in seesion error

2) try logging in

3) Try setting 0 as time offset in your joomla configuration or configuration.php file

Set offset to 0 NO change

4) try logging in

DID step 1 thru 4 over again and could not log in

More information

New action ... I clicked on logout and the browser went to my profile page ( see image attaced )
Click again and went to the session error message

More information ,, I have attached the fidder2 file that hass the http trafic btween the browse and server

more information... I disabled two modules mod_xmlswf_vm_smart and mod_virtuemart_randomprod and was able to login and out using the mod_cblogin

Reenable both modules about 30 minutes later and can still login and out with mod_cblogin

REMEMBER that I am ALWAYS able to login and out with the mod_login module,,, it is active as well as the MOD_cblogin

Attachment test-d3260f9cd80b2ccf212f0a0a1b270cab.zip not found

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