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13 years 2 months ago #125656 by dillydally
Login problem was created by dillydally
Hi, I hope someone could urgently help me.

I am running CB 1.2.1 and it was all working fine. However I had to take a database from a running site and integrate it into a site upgrade which was in a folder below.
I've put into bullets what I've done
- I used CBJuice to download the front database, integrate it into the back database, all seemed fine.
- I deleted front end, moved back end up one folder
- Turned the site live and now everyone that is a registered user on the site (even test registered accounts I set up before integrating)
- administrators can log into the front of the site but no one else, just get a incorrect username or password message.

I checked some previous correspondence

Please ensure you've a Community Builder link as public and published on a Joomla menu (the module it is on does NOT have the be published) as you appear to be missng this mandatory link.

Didn't have this but I have connected CB as a public & published menu item - however that menu is not currently visible on the site.

Also ensure the login redirect in your CB Login module is set accordingly. Please also check the registration tab of CB Configuration to ensure the first time login is not redirecting to an invalid location.

I have set this to www.mysite.com.

Still no different I'm afraid.

Could it be a recent upgrade to php5 on my webhost which is causing the problem?
The site was supposed to go live yesterday and now I'm really facing a problem. I would be grateful if anyone can help.

I hope I've given enough detail. Thanks

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13 years 2 months ago #127235 by rspack
Replied by rspack on topic Re:Login problem
What database were you using for the update site prior to moving it to your live site?

Did you change the Joomla settings to point to the live site's database after you deleted the old sites folders and moved the new site up one folder?

I'd start with checking your databse setting in Joomla and make sure it points to the right database, and make sure all the database settings are correct for the live site's database. It could be, if you were using a test/setup database before the switch that the settings are still present for the setup/test site in the config file.

Goto Joomla backend and then to: Site => Global Configuration => Server and check to make sure the Database settings are pointing to the correct DB.

Also, you might want to check the other settings under Joomla's Global Config screens to make sure they all point to the right folders. It could be you have the old folder names leftover from before you moved the files up.

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