GroupJive 1.8 beta 1, and now 2 and 3, Released

12 years 11 months ago #108528 by hjames
Krileon, can you write a short, sweet doc to accompany. I think this would clarify any potential user errors.


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12 years 11 months ago #108764 by softforge
Great stuff, I am testing now and many bugs are fixed, well done!

Could you explain how to get the forum integration working please? I have put in the forum id but I'm not seeing any options for forum posts within groups.

Many thanks! :)

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12 years 11 months ago #108768 by schmatzler
I hope there will be the option again to update the old groups like in the "old" Groupjive.

I disabled the forum integration months ago because Fireboard was too buggy for me, now I have no ability to get group forums into my existing groups again.

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12 years 11 months ago #108821 by krileon
Forum Integration:

Create a category in Kunena where you want to store user groups. Copy the category ID and paste it in GroupJives forum integration. Enable forum integration then create a group. On the same menu as Group Bulletins, Group Members, Return to Group, there will now be Group Forums.

The Kunena category can be unpublished or limited to admins only if you like (please test before pushing to live environment!).

Again, existing groups can not be integrated right now, I have not added that functionality yet.

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12 years 11 months ago #108883 by ckayfish
I had relatively few existing groups, so I manually created the forum (in the proper parent) with , then created added the group creator as a moderator. I then viewed the records in the fb_categories table and edited a couple fields to be the same as the forums that were auto-created when a new group is created. Specifically, pub_access was set to 30... there may have been 1 more.

I then added records to gj_jb table with the group id and fb_category id.

Havne't had any issues yet. I estimate 5 minutes per group to do this if you have everything ready.

Tips for understanding and solving your issue - Props to Krileon for creating this.
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12 years 11 months ago #108942 by ComposerRyan
Replied by ComposerRyan on topic Re:GroupJive 1.8 beta 1, and now 2 and 3, Released
I was just checking in on this and cannot wait for this component! Is it safe to use the BETA on a production site and will I be able to upgrade the BETA version to a stable version later on?

Also, when do you think we'll see a stable version of this?

Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do!

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