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11 years 10 months ago #111377 by bob britt
Recomendations please was created by bob britt
I've got Joomle and CB working with Agora forum and uddeim for PM.

I have been searching for some other items and just coming up blank. Figured I'll just ask and see what happens.

I'm looking for a Gallery that is user friendly and allows the users to upload images for posting on the forums but be separated by users names. Uploading to their own user folder and they can add more subfolders from there.

Also looking for a Article manager for our Publishers to manage user submitted articles on the front end. My Publishers would do better with a simple front side link they can review and manage articles without a separate logon to the back end.

Thanks for reading, hope this is not bad form but I've been looking for a while now and just can't find what i'm looking for.

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11 years 10 months ago #111497 by rstoffiere
Replied by rstoffiere on topic Re:Recomendations please

Your question does not seem to have anything to do with Groupjive, which may account for the lack of response. I'd like to help you out if I can.

First, as far as a gallery component, I really like Joomgallery ( ). It is very flexible and incredibly easy to use. It is also quite powerful. The best part is that they offer a plugin that will automatically create a category for each registered user of your site whenever they sign up. They can then only create subgalleries under their main gallery (which is named with their chosen username). It just plain WORKS, right off the bat. In addition, it stores the photos in directories on your server named for the categories. This really helps you locate files on the server, and is a real benefit should you ever wish to change extensions. Do yourself a favor and check it out. After all, it's free;)

As for content submission and management, I really find the Ninja Content extension to by incredibly useful (from NinjaForge ). This is the only extension I've found that not only allows you to customize how simple or complex a front-end user's submission palette is, it also gives you the ability to list out articles just like on the back-end! So, users can add, edit, delete, publish, unpublish - just like in the admin panel, but without having to provide back-end access. Trust me on this - a membership with Ninjoomla will pay for itself with this one extension.

Also, if you're not using it, I suggest using JCE as your editor ( ). Makes your life a LOT easier.

I hope this helps!

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11 years 10 months ago #111673 by bob britt
Replied by bob britt on topic Re:Recomendations please
Groupwho?? See, this is why I shouldn't post stuff past my bedtime.. What a newbie..guess that's where it the post should have gone. Sorry about that.

I agree with you about the Joomgallery. I installed it the other day and I think I have the settings where we want them and using that autocat plugin to assign users to a gallery of their own. VERY nice solution.

NinjaForge sounds just like what I had in mind. Will check it out ASAP as well as your other suggestion. Easy life, that's what it's all about right? ;)

Thanks for the help!

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