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12 years 2 days ago #112022 by eduferreira
Groupjive and Docman was created by eduferreira

There any plan to integrate Groupjive with Docman?

I need this feature, for example:

1. When I create a group in Groupjive, automatically created a group in Docman.

2. When I approve a member in Groupjive, the member is automatically inserted in the group of the Docman.

It's possible?

Someone could tell me which files should I change?

Thanks for any help! and sorry for my english ;)

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12 years 2 days ago #112029 by ckayfish
Replied by ckayfish on topic Re:Groupjive and Docman
As stated in the new FAQ in this forum, Docman integration is currently not available and the CB/Groupjive developers will not being providing this, especially in the near future and not for this beta version. Once the next version (not next beta - next full version) is available there will be better tools available to you to make this work.

For this release, there is no simple way to tell you which file to change. You can look at how the CB plugin updates the gj_jb table when a new group is created. You would then review the Groupjive files and look for how/wehere the links are created and add a link for the Docman category.

Good luck!

Tips for understanding and solving your issue - Props to Krileon for creating this.
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