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I have been pondering a more useful scenario for the "Connections" feature.

My first thought was that Connections should be apart of the integrations tab on CB subs where you could correlate specific user ID's for connection based on plan. I think this should still be the case

That thread Here:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/catid,89/id,145259/#145259

BUT, I thought of something Just as crucial in my opinion.

Since Connections are so vital to a social network it would make perfect sense for an auto connection option to be in place for members of the same group.

I would like to request this as a feature for the stable release of GJ 2.0.

Thanks guys! You are much appreciated, hope this is a good suggestion in YOU the developers view..

Best Regards,

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No, connections will not be touched in GJ 2.0. Once released you'll be more then welcome to create an integration for this using GJ 2.0 API, but forcing users to be "friends" simply due to having a similar interest isn't appropriate.

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Just because you join a group does not mean that you should also be connected (friends) with each member of the group.

Connections are personal and can be bidirectional - they are one-to-one relationships between users.

Groups are one-to-many relationships.

You obviously have a specific use case in mind and are trying to implemented.

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11 years 9 months ago #145402 by shawneo
Replied by shawneo on topic Re:SUGGESTION FOR 2.0
YES,I do have a specific thing I am trying to accomplish but I think that it is very similar to many of the concerns I have read on the forums. More control for Super Admin.

To be able to choose when and where users get friend connects is not necessarily a bad thing. On many set-ups this would be ideal. Obviously this could be abused and a Super Admin could have his users get many unwanted friends. Thing is many sites use friends as a control tool for such things as seeing a users activity or viewing a profile page.

There is no real straightforward way to compartmentalize your users and assign them into groups yet that are controlled by individual moderators. Having friends auto connect based on Super Admin criteria is another layer of control for site designers to be able to get creative in what they can make without having to hack code or develop separate plugins.

I am setting up a small LMS. And I want my teachers to be able to only see the activity of their students. They already have private groups and forums connected with Group Jive. But I'm trying to cut out the step of my teachers having to friend request or ADD every student they have manually. There is no control where I as a Super Admin can do this for them manually. So one of my teachers must add 102 of her students manually if I want the activity stream to just be filled with her students.

I'm creatively trying to take this step out for this particular application and I just thought that more Admin controls over Friend Connections would be a decent feature across the board probably for me and for many other users as well.


Keep it in mind k.

Much love!

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