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13 years 7 months ago #14206 by ffaabbss
hey alistaircochrane1
i upped your karma for that really great idea!!!
that would be the best thing really! really easy and simple!

maybe some modification to the idea:

- the "modified reversed profile book blog" should also be reachable and linkable outside the tabs somehow.
- maybe somebody could code a user list module that shows the number of blogentries behind each user. and a latest blogs module and a caledar...
- that all should be based on cb core and profile book

we really need an easy and simple blog solution from inside CB IMHO!
and that reversing the profile book would be a good start... and i think for the cb programmers as they really know what they do it shouldn' be too hard to programm two or three modules that fetch their information from the cb-core and profile book plugin to enable a kind of profile book blog list and calendar.

is something like that already in the wishlist on the forge?

that would be a great enhancement for cb... and i think for something such important as user blogging it is really tiresome to rely on 3rd party complete blogsystems that have to be included and adjusted over and over and don't ork perfectly in the end...would be much less work to provide such a simple blog or diary in cb!

Looking really forward to others to support these ideas!!!

see ya
13 years 4 months ago #20198 by thoeri
Hi everyone that is looking for a better blog component.

I have this crazy idea - to use MosTree as a blog component. MosTree is a listing component for anyone that does not know. Basically it has all the neccesary features. It can be rated, commented, reported, sent to a friend. It also has a "View owners all listings"-link which could be translated to "View all blogentries by this member". It has the ability to handle categories. You could have one or multiple. You can also let the members create new categories, with or without approval. In admin it possible to set:
New listings (blogentries) aproval, yes or no.
New comments aproval, yes or no.
Amount of characters to show in the first listing page (just like mamblog do).
Image size and image quality.
E-mail or not when a new listing or new category is made.
And a lot more!

It also got image upload (only 1 though) and the ability to set specific listings (blogentries) or categories as featured and have special settings for those.

It has a great template system so you can customize the page look and the form look which the blogger will use to suit your exact needs. I will only have description and image field. Thats enought for my blog. Of course I will have to translate it to suit the blog needs and not the listing need. Eg. "listing entry" will be "blog entry".

It also comes with something like 12 modules. Top rated, most recent, most read, search module, featured listings, random listing, etc.

There is only one problem. The description text area does not regognize line breaks made by the enter button. So all the text will be like one big blobb. Does anyone have a solution for this? Then we got a new blog component!

I also found a tab that could be used as the Mamblog tab in CB. Check:

This lisk also explains how to implement a profile link and avatar from CB in MosTree:

I have not tried this yet but I sure will. I just wanted to know if there is a solution for the line break issue first. And what you guys think about this idea.


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13 years 4 months ago #20223 by ffaabbss
I hope u can keep us up to date on that idea. I cannot really imagine what it will be like. give us a test site as soon as possible please! Maybe u could convince the moesets tree author to modify mosets tree as ablog system. Given there is such ahigh demand they should be interested in the money that is in it. and if u say it is so easy...

looking forward!
13 years 4 months ago #20791 by thoeri

Maybe u could convince the moesets tree author to modify mosets tree as ablog system.

I did mention thi to the developer. He thinks the solution should work as I descriped. He is now busy with modifying it so I can have a second installation of the component since I already us MosTree for another purpose. I need a second installation since some of the settings has to be completely differnet from what I want to use for the athoer purpose. He also modifies it so line brekas are possible in the text area. It would not look good otherwise. He also looks at the option to integrate the default editor. But then one has to use one that can have different setting for different user groups since you don't want visitirs to be able to use your image upload finction or other things that are a safety hazard. I niw just waiting for delivery. Then I will have a go at it and give feedback here.

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