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13 years 3 months ago #21789 by houbahop

I have had succes to make it work. For the modified file, I have noticied that there is allready a good hacked comprofiler.html.php linked in another post; so I won't put it twice on the board.

I have a trouble with a multicheckbox; is this kind of item supported ?

In my case, I have :

- a checkbox that make a dropdown visible if checked (works fine but I would like it to show the multicheckbox too but since I added the condition id value to the multiplecheckbox it doesn't work)

what I mean by it doesn't work :
- the dropdown no longer shows whan I clik the singlecheckbox
- the multiplecheckbox is always visible

Can you help me please or confirm me that multiplecheckbox are not supported ?


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Post edited by: houbahop, at: 2006/10/01 04:23
13 years 3 months ago #21809 by mikko
Multicheckbox is not currenly implemented. However, if you know javascript it should not be too hard to implement.

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