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14 years 1 week ago #4101 by pointri
klinic wrote:

i would love to have an events component / plugin like this one in the link provided.

let me know if you agree.

Wow, klinic. That's a seriously nice web app you found there. Very simple but inspiring.

Have to hand it to the Dutch: they sure know how to plan their parties :)

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14 years 1 week ago #4102 by klinic
its such a nice website. very simple and plain, the usability of it is the main thing.
everything connects together. if there is a profile of a person who is also a dj then theres a link on there profile to there dj profile. and it's so easy to get around in.
i think thats what the cb team want to get with the community builder.
nearly there too. got to hand it to them.
13 years 10 months ago #7475 by lennox
torgrim wrote:

I´ve solved it, it seems like you need to open the plugin in plugin manager and save it before it´s activated. Don´t ask me why.

I have modified the event sessions plugin made by Michael Spredemann so it now works with Attend Events 0.8.0. I have uploaded the plugin here so more people can take benefits of this feature.


This is my first plugin so some feedback would be nice.

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Scubaguy have it cool on his site!
He has intergrated Attends events or session events? With Eventlist component. How have he done it?

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13 years 7 months ago #15931 by ffaabbss
where has that plugin gone? i am searching desperately but it is not in place anymore...
13 years 7 months ago #15942 by ericmuc
ffaabbss wrote:

where has that plugin gone? i am searching desperately but it is not in place anymore...

Try following link:

But I am not sure whether it is really the same ...

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13 years 3 months ago #22146 by gypsydogg
Where the FARK is this file!?!?!

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