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14 years 1 month ago #2681 by fidodildo
We use Joomla! + CB1.0rc2 in our intranet ...

Everyone who has access to the server hosting our intranet has to login trough a secure connection to our domain (win 2k).

It would be great to have the possibility to :
- sync the visiting user with the allready excisting Login (by LDAP?);
- sync the userdatabase with the userlist in the domains directory tree

[sorry for my bad english]
14 years 3 weeks ago #2854 by beat
- LDAP supports comes with Joomla! 1.1.

- The existing plugin-API, combined with a module should allow for such a synchronisation development also.

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14 years 2 weeks ago #3242 by lmcguire
Does this mean we have to wait for Joomla 1.1 or does anyone know if one of the existing hacks / plugins work with CB (or know for sure that they don't work)?




13 years 11 months ago #5199 by treadyroc
I've got the same general question. Just because these tools have been developed for Joomla doesn't necessarily mean that CB will work seemlessly with them... does it?

We plan on testing our 1.0 RC2 install with the SSO mambot mentioned above, &, if (likely) necessary, hacking it to fit our needs, but again, just because the mambot works w/Joomla doesn't mean it will necessarily work w/in CB... or does it?
13 years 7 months ago #13866 by rexel99
Perhaps to re-ignite this topic...

I found the ldap hack works ok, only however as a login/authentication. Having the Community builder installed seems to kill the old user management so now i can't use that to instate users that have successfully accessed the site with the ldap_hack.

The ldap-tools I couldn't get to work, i did some mods to make them into mambots instead of plugins but they didn't seem to function right anyway.

So now we are back to where we where, no functional authentication systems, LDAP or Active Directory, why?

I thought this would have been quite a user/system acceptance, particularly in organisations like the Uni I work for, we have the host and it would be great to enable systems (like Joomla) to plug in to them.

Also I love community builder, but I hate having yet another user database!

It's beyond me doing it, but as the ldap_hack appears to basically function, would it not be possible to use the primary code in there to make a plug-in module with some admin functionality for Community Builder, I think it would be a great enhancement.

BTW, I am using Joomla 1.8, who said that ldap was coming in 1.1? and now I hear 2, but not visible I am told in the alpha seen so far...

Thanks, Rex.
13 years 6 months ago #16477 by BugzzBunny
mmm yeah i have about 4000 users on my site and would really need ldap for that..im going to try to hack it, have already a php thingy made to import users to joomla, then ill just have to override how it checks for passwords, but its gonna be an ugly hack if even possible..


I have a working user sync to the normal joomla user database, with JACLplus. so that every user is put in a predefined group on import.

I did get a ldap hack to work, i needed to use com_login to get SSL on for the login part, as the usernames and password need to be really secure. The real password are never saved on the joomla database.

But problems did arise with community builder, because the contact information tab can not be disabled. I dont want to let the user change the username nor password on joomla as these are administered on other servers to which i use ldap to authenticate.

When I try to save some field in my community field profile, it javascript allerts me about my password and username existing already. It seems like it thinks im trying to save a new password, though those fields are untouched.

Can anybody please give me a clue ( :blush: ) where i should mod comprofiler userprofilesetting to not check nor show usernames and passwords when editing the profile?

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