Paid Subscription Plugin License Problem

11 years 8 months ago #114928 by PMGB2BSub
Paid Subscription Plugin License Problem was created by PMGB2BSub

What does the following message mean:

License server could not be reached. Please check that you have Internet connection (connectivity, firewall settings) or try again in half hour. Error:

Please log into administrator area and check the plugin settings.

information on our license:
Current information on your version and license from the license server:
License: Commercial Information for: : License description.
License state for this site: License active Information for: : Current license state.
Installation id for this site: SID-000-217-892/846-9DF Information for: : Each live site gets a unique installation identification attributed by the license server, so you can use it to identify your license when requesting support.
License state details: Your license is Activated. Information for: : Details for current license state.
License options: Information for: : Active options of this license.
License expiry: Perpetual license Information for: : Expiry date of the license, if applicable.
License limits:
Users records on site: 75
Maximum Users count for this license: 500

Also, we're looking to set up an unlimited site license for each of our clients.

How should we go about setting a page which allows their employees to manually register under a pre-paid plan.

Importing a csv file is great and all, there should be a way for them to manually enter their information though.


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11 years 8 months ago #114934 by beat
It means that your server couldn't reach any of our license servers, probably due to a networking issue for its periodic floating license management.

The emails are sent a little bit too quickly in CBSubs 1.0.3, but it will continue working under normal circumstances (e.g. if you are not changing server or server address same time), so if you don't get multiple of those during more than a day in a row, there is nothing to worry about.

We will improve that in next CBSubs release.


To upgrade your license with more users, just go to your profile here on joomlapolis, and inside your existing license, click "Change Options" button, then choose your new option(s) and follow directions to checkout. At this time, only the price difference is due. Nothing special to do on your site(s), their license will be automatically upgraded.

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