[SOLVED] user or admin Cannot Upgrade users

10 years 11 months ago #137707 by par4
Hi there,

I have 5 plans setup.
Bronze - free - exclusive, allow upgrade no
Silver - $35 - exclusive, allow upgrade yes
DAIC Gold - $45 - exclusive, allow upgrade yes
Gold - $55 - exclusive, allow upgrade yes
Platinum - $100 - exclusive, allow upgrade yes

I have the restricted access working perfectly, even a free grade period.

Users register and they see all the plans and then signup for the Bronze account, which is free, everything is ok up to this point. User is approved, blah, blah and fine. Now they've had a taste of the site, they want to upgrade to a better plan.

Frontend: The only problem I have is that a user when logging into their account, if they click on the subscription tab, all it has listed is "Your Current Subscription", the subscription name and an unsubscribe button. The user is not able to upgrade to another plan.

Backend: In the back end from CB - User Manager, I can't switch plans for the users either. It just shows the current subscription and an option to unsubscribe or delete.

so in the frontend, I logged in as a user, clicked Subscriptions, clicked unsubscribe, thinking that the other options would show. Clicked on Yes: unsubscribe, clicked ok to confirm, it logged me out, I logged back in (thinking I could upgrade here) all I got was a message that a membership is needed for access and only showed the current free subscription wtih an X and a resubscribe only to the free plan.

Backend admin works the same way for the user.

We've tried changing from exclusive to child, allowing more then one membership... after spending 6 hours on this, not finding anything in the forums or the manual, I'm posting here and praying that someone can help me. This is the only thing that has gone wrong... other then that, it was a perfect install, configuration, access restriction....

Thanks in advance.


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10 years 11 months ago #137777 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic Re:user or admin Cannot Upgrade users
Please recheck your plans configuration, something is not configured correctly in regards to Access (access tab) or upgrade (workflows tab). Please also check that your upgrade plans are published.

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10 years 11 months ago #137833 by par4
Replied by par4 on topic Re:user or admin Cannot Upgrade users
yes, it was one option that wasn't setup.. to display for "Everyone".

now it's working like a charm....

Thank you.

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