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Temporary issue at our server was created by beat
This is a temporary sticky message to inform you that today, 19 september between 05:56 AM and 08:41 AM, UTC, we had a temporary downtime on our joomlapolis.com server due to a sudden overload at end of the daily backup.

Before that, this server had less than 1 hour downtime during 7 months continuous uptime. Other servers on our Joomlapolis hosting cloud were not affected by this issue (except one other server which had 20 minutes downtime during our work on the affected cluster).

Depending on your server settings you might have experienced emails in CBSubs 1.0.3 such as:

License server could not be reached. Please check that you have Internet connection (connectivity, firewall settings) or try again in half hour. Error:

Please log into administrator area and check the plugin settings.

In Cbsubs 1.0.3, this alarming email gets sent out to you by your installation unfortunately already on very first license check of the floating license while not needed, and retries are done pretty soon, which may result on several such emails.

Normally a check is done every few days, and there is a lot of time before anything happens beyond these annoying emails.

Such emails do not affect your cbsubs installation which continues to run.

A few servers with incorrect or incorrectly varying server characteristics do trigger more often license checks, and might be catching these emails more often.

In shortly upcoming CBSubs 1.1, these "way too fast email warning" issues have been solved, varying servers are handled more flexibly, and a secondary license server in a different datacenter is being setup as well, so that these issues should belong to the past, while keeping the convenience of floating not-domain-bound licenses.

We are sorry for any inconveniences from these false-alarm emails, and are working hard to get CBSubs 1.1 released asap.

For those interested in the details of what happened: We have now investigated the issue: The server timeout and overload got detected by our software high-availability monitoring system, and the automated procedure initiated as last resort a clean reboot as well as an alarm to our hosting team. This reboot took quite some time due to the overload, giving a second timeout error, which stopped the restarting process, but which finally happened with our hosting team's assistance. We are now taking measures at the backup and active monitoring level for this to not happen again. We are also continuously increasing the capacity of our servers to allow to deliver the best possible service.

We are running on fully-redundant hardware and automated actively monitored high-availability software services, and such issues can typically be due when more than one fault occurs at same time on the same high-availability redundancy path, like what just happened.

This thread is a sticky locked temporary message, as we have taken all possible steps to solve the issue and any consequences in CBSubs 1.1 and are taking more on our servers.


Just to understand why there is even a license server:

Your license(s) are not bound to a particular server or a particular website, like it's the case with many licenses (even those using a license server):

We are getting regularly such contact requests:

Hi, I need to move my CB Subs (single site) license to a different domain.
Can I do this or do I need to purchase another license ?
Do I need another key, or can I use the same one?

Many thanks,

and our reply invariably is:

Just uninstall on old and install on new. The license is floating and will follow and auto-adapt. Nothing specialy to do :-)

Best Regards

Thanks to the floating license, it is not bound to a host/hoster or domain name, and you don't need to wait for us to change/authorize or deny. You also do not have to buy a new license when changing hoster or moving domain name.

[UPDATE] We had a 2 minutes unavailability on 2nd November 00:02-00:03 due to scheduled maintenance work.

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