Why wont my CB search produce proper results?

9 years 5 months ago #141540 by jakobe75
I have come back to give some up dates on this searching issue.

My users dislike the Userlist search they cant seem to find anything.

I have become very frustrated with CB and searching.

if they knew the exact name then they would search for the exact name..but most dont..they know a partial name or a slightly mispelled partial name.

but instead of giving similar results CB return s everything, nothing, or the exact match only.

I have bought many search modules and addons to get around this..and some work just fine..however ,I need them to work wihtin the CB userlists and only in the CB userlists I havent found one that does this effectively yet.

my last post was sometime in April...it is now September and a version of CB 1.2.3 has already been release about a month ago..and NO MENTION of fixing this broken search has been added...but we can now search for users on the backend faster.

which to me wasnt and issue and I have 3046 active accounts on my system

I am really trying to create something nice for my users ..something that will hopefully be better than my competition. but at every turn CB fights me on the simplest little things.

sorry had to vent...just very aggravated that nobody has found a way to fix this yet in many years.

somebody just please fix this...I have money to pitch in.
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