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gillesps wrote:

This is what to do.
Go on the configuration in the admin and go on the Registration tab. I will give an example for the Pending Approuval message but the process is the same for the other part.

1) Declare write in the box a field label, in my case : _UE_APP_EMAIL01

2) Save you modification

3) Download the file from your server /components/com_comprofiler/plugin/language/french/french.php (in my case as my translation is in french)

4) Edit the file and add :
Merci pour votre demande d\'enregistrement. Nous avons reçu votre demande et nous la traiterons dès que vous confirmez votre adresse email en cliquant sur l\'hyperlien suivant:
L\'equipe d\'administration du site');

I put in red the value use as notify in the manual, meens :

[NAME] - Name of the User
[USERNAME] - Username of the User
[DETAILS] - Account Details of the User such as Email Address and Username
[PASSWORD] - Password choosen by the User (only at the first email sent upon pressing "Register")
[CONFIRM] - Inserts confirmation link if the confirmation functionality is enabled

5) Save your file

6) Upload the file to the server and it's done.

Take care in the Registration Tab to be sure that there is no space after your field value (in my case _UE_APP_EMAIL01) else it will don't work, I don't know why.

If you need more explanation, contact me by email :

I speak french too.

Hope this will help.

I tried this way, but I have problems now. When I tried to reload page, it was white blank (was displayed incorectly).

I put in:

.'At first we would like to thank you for the confidence and buying our product. As our customer you were registered on web site ( ) by our administrator. By logging in you are able to access private area of the site and technical support for our products.\n\n'
.'Your account with the following details:\n'
.'has been created and activated and is ready to use. You can now log in at the web address:\n'
.'At this point we would kindly ask you to fill in the rest of your profile.\n\n');
.'Kind Regards,\n');
.'Epiko d.o.o. Administration Team\n');

Is there a problem with displaying text in multiple lines?

Please help.

Greetings, Tadej

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