Dutch language plugin: correction

11 years 5 months ago #133187 by Denkster
Dutch language plugin: correction was created by Denkster
In the Dutch language plug-in for CB 1.2.2 "Informal" version, I reckon I found the following translation error.

When in the Back-end, in Community Builder User Management, editing the password field of a user, giving it less then 6 characters, an error message is produced.

The original message probably is: (?)
  • "Please enter a valid password: No spaces, more than 6 characters and contain 0-9, a-z, A-Z"

  • Of course this message text in itself is bad; it suggests no special characters are allowed in the password.

    The Dutch translation provided is wrong altogether:
  • "Vul een geldig wachtwoord in. Geen spaties, niet meer dan 6 karakters en alleen 0-9, a-z, A-Z tekens"
  • Can you agree that is wrong?

    I would like to change the language file.
    I found the language file here:

    However, that language file has the correct text:
  • DEFINE('_UE_VALID_PASS','Vul een geldig wachtwoord in. Geen spaties en moet minstens 6 karakters bevatten en alleen hoofdletters en kleine letters, nummers en speciale tekens');
  • So, where does that erroneous translation come from?

    kind regards

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    10 years 11 months ago #144869 by j3_sse
    Replied by j3_sse on topic Re:Dutch language plugin: correction
    I know this is a very old toppic, but i want to give the answer to people who are struggling with this translation error.

    The dutch.php says: if (!defined('_VALID_AZ09'))

    and it has to be:

    if (!defined('_VALID_AZ09_USER'))

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