[SOLVED] Name, second name and joomla name

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[SOLVED] Name, second name and joomla name was created by deltafidesign
I choose to store the name style details about how you want to capture the name field in Joomla/Mambo as "First and Last name field" so that during registration process user is registered in Joomla core users as "First and Last name".

Now, if I let user change their firstname and lastname in CB profile, how can be also changed the Joomla name field that was stored in registration process (first and last name)?

I saw that if user changes his first or last name, the name shown in User Profile Page Title is always the same used in registration process also after Synchronize Users with CB Tools in the backend.


John Rose register firstname: John, lastname: RosSe. Joomla name field is: John RosSe.

Now John see that he did a mystake writing his lastname (RosSe) and want to change it in Rose. But after he corrected it in joomla name field is yet stored John RosSe.

How can I let users change their firstname and secondname and so also automatically been changed in joomla core user's name field?


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It should already be automatically changed if the user edited their profile via Profile Edit and adjusted their name accordingly. CB keeps in sync with Joomlas tables as long as you're using CB to make the changes and not Joomlas edit details page. It's also possible you've Caching enable, which of course will cache the page with the previous name; try purging cache.

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12 years 6 months ago #134529 by deltafidesign
Replied by deltafidesign on topic Re:Name, second name and joomla name
I've found the problem. I post here the solution in case someone else should have the same problem.

Joomfish manage also user translation in "Content elements". So if a user register itself in spanish language for example firstname and lastname are translated in the language used during registration process, so if a user try to change firstname and lastname in CB it's correctly changed in CB database but in frontend is showed the joomfish translation!

So, now to solve it I just disinstalled in backend joomfish panel, the user content element so, now there are no more translations for users and if I change firstname and secondname it's correctly shown in everylanguage.

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