removed password fields

13 years 3 months ago #19227 by masyomo
I removed password and username fields because we use smf bridge and it confuses users who think they can change those things in their profile when they actually have to use the smf profile.

In cb.core.php I removed the following lines:
$return .= " <tr>\n";

$return .= " <td class=\"titleCell\">"._UE_UNAME.":</td>\n";

$return .= " <td class=\"fieldCell\">";

IF(($ueConfig["usernameedit"]==1) or ($user->username==""«») or ($ui == 2)) {

$return .= "<input class=\"inputbox\" type=\"text\" size=\"40\" name=\"username\" value=\"".htmlspecialchars($user->username)."\" />";

$return .= getFieldIcons($ui, true,($ueConfig["name_format"]!=1),sprintf( _VALID_AZ09, _UE_UNAME, 2 ) , _UE_UNAME.":"«»);

} else {

$return .= $user->username;

$return .= "<input class=\"inputbox\" type=\"hidden\" name=\"username\" value=\"".htmlspecialchars($user->username)."\" />";


$return .= "\n</td>\n</tr>\n";
and also


$return .= "<tr>\n";

$return .= " <td class=\"titleCell\">"._UE_PASS.":</td>\n";

$return .= " <td class=\"fieldCell\"><input class=\"inputbox\" type=\"password\" size=\"40\" name=\"password\" value=\"\" autocomplete=\"off\" />";

$return .= getFieldIcons($ui, false, false, sprintf( _VALID_AZ09, _UE_PASS, 6 ), _UE_PASS.":"«»);

$return .= "</td>\n</tr>\n";

$return .= "<tr>\n";

$return .= " <td class=\"titleCell\">"._UE_VPASS.":</td>\n";

$return .= " <td class=\"fieldCell\"><input class=\"inputbox\" type=\"password\" size=\"40\" name=\"verifyPass\" autocomplete=\"off\" />";

$return .= getFieldIcons($ui, false, false);

$return .= "</td>\n</tr>\n";

Everything works fine except that I noticed the save button doesn't work in the backend when trying to modify user profiles. Does anyone know what I could do to get the save button working (besides restoring the original file :P )
13 years 3 months ago #19627 by masyomo
no suggestions :dry:

Its not critical but if anyone has any ideas it would be a nice fix as I'm sure other people using smf would also like to get rid of the password options
13 years 3 months ago #19639 by pcjunkie
I used the data base to remove the link...

Not sure how I did it
It works fine anyway...
13 years 3 months ago #19692 by masyomo
lol - I wouldn't have a clue how to go about that!

I see have been saying they're doing a bridge for joomla/cb/smf so prob may as well wait on that anyway assuming its going to be more comprehensive than the existing ones. They've had it on their list for a long time though so .................
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