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13 years 4 weeks ago #22713 by ggathrig
I would like to modify the mod_comprofileronline module to display all users whether they are online or not. I am guessing that this amounts to just changing the database query in the mod_comprofileronline.php file. Can someone help me figure out what an appropriate query would be?

I know that there is other userlist functionality available in CB. I want to do this hack on CB_Online because the primary (only) purpose of my little site is to allow registered users to peruse the profiles of other registered users. I like the way CB_Online displays links to profiles on the same page as a user profile. This way the user can go to another profile directly without having to return to a list menu item.


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13 years 3 weeks ago #22743 by ggathrig
I figured it out. I love CB. Thanks to all.
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